Birthday for Jodie.

Nov 17 Set-2Looks like Birthday to me.

Nov 17 Set-3Looking for goodies. Oh, my.

Nov 17 SetI’m sure the food wasn’t really blue. Although I do remember telling her that Alfred Hitchcock had a weird sense of humor and once served a party in a blue room with nothing but blue food. Jodie said it might be a fun thing to do sometime.

Nov 17 Set-4Not sure what A-1 is raising her hand about. Looks like everybody was having fun.

Nov 17 Set 5For those who never saw me in a beard before, or don’t remember that far back, here I am in the background, on the computer, beard, bare feet, and all. Heck, this was before Duck Dynasty. Maybe I missed the casting call.

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Forever Kay DEE

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Some unknowns

William and his friendsOkay, it has been a long time. William is in the middle. I forget which one’s on which side. Fill us all in here.

Birthday party?Okay. William, Adrienne, and Desiree. But I don’t remember the event or the names of the other two kids. Any help here?




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William and Adrienne

I just called William, all the way back in Missouri, a few minutes ago to tell him about this blog and that I was getting ready to upload some pix of him and Adrienne. I called him because he is not a facebooker like so many of the family. Now he knows, and here they are.


William and SissykaWilliam and Sissyka-1William and Sissyka-2

Itty Bitty Kelli

Here is Kelli at two.

2 year old Kelli2 year old Kelli reverse side

I am sure there are more pictures of Kelli somewhere that I have not found yet. Anyone with pictures please tell me so I can scan them, or you can fax them to me.

In fact anyone with pictures, or stories connected to Judy – Jodie, Kelli, or the kids, please contact me.

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