This is a memorial blog to my late wife, Jodie, and my late daughter, Kelli. It will consist primarily of pictures with comments by myself and those who knew them. It will no doubt also have some stories about both of them as they were both characters.

The title, Judy – Jodie and Kelli may need some explanation to those who were not as close to the family as others.

Judy Ellen Michelle Garrett married Ron Godwin, not sure when, but she was young. She gave birth to Kelli Dawn Godwin.

They were divorced and Judy met me. She had wanted to change her first name for a long time so she became Jodi Berryman.

She was raised with Merry Cluff as her best friend. Merry’s daughter Leah, and her daughter began calling Jodie “Judy – Jodie” and somehow the name stuck.

As I go through old pictures and come across interesting stories, they will appear here. They will be in no particular order. As I find them and have time I will post them. Other family members and friends are welcome to contribute.

Please remember that everything that appears on this blog is under copyright.

(c) 2013, all rights reserved.


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