Some unknowns

William and his friendsOkay, it has been a long time. William is in the middle. I forget which one’s on which side. Fill us all in here.

Birthday party?Okay. William, Adrienne, and Desiree. But I don’t remember the event or the names of the other two kids. Any help here?




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William and Adrienne

I just called William, all the way back in Missouri, a few minutes ago to tell him about this blog and that I was getting ready to upload some pix of him and Adrienne. I called him because he is not a facebooker like so many of the family. Now he knows, and here they are.


William and SissykaWilliam and Sissyka-1William and Sissyka-2

Itty Bitty Kelli

Here is Kelli at two.

2 year old Kelli2 year old Kelli reverse side

I am sure there are more pictures of Kelli somewhere that I have not found yet. Anyone with pictures please tell me so I can scan them, or you can fax them to me.

In fact anyone with pictures, or stories connected to Judy – Jodie, Kelli, or the kids, please contact me.

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Chastain, Hottle, and Garrett

Bill Garrett, in this newspaper clip, and the ad below it, was married to Adela Dorothy Garrett. She was called “Dot”. Her maiden name was Chastain. Henry Chastain was her brother.

Bill and Dorothy were Little Judy’s mother and father. Dorothy died of melanoma.

Kelli was their granddaughter. Her children all called Bill “Grand dad”.

Chastain Hottle and Garrett

Chastain Hottle and Garrett ad
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Lookie here. What I found, without even looking.

Here are some pix of the little Pixie, Adrienne.

A-1 and WillumA-1 and Willum. William could not say Adrienne and he had trouble with the diphthong in William. So he said his name was Willum and his sister was A One.

Okay, I was born

Okay, I was born. Now what the hell did I get myself into?

Why does Grammy dress me this way

Why does Grammy always dress me this way?


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